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Gummistrada b.v.

Specialist in tyres, motorcycle, car, vintage, quad & truck.




An exclusive project by Gummistrada

High end warehouse

the Gummistrada product range is wide, with some very nice product lines.

Gummistrada sell  ATV tyre, Maxxis and the very own Gummistrada ATV All Terrain tyre. But also classic/vintage tyres from Michelin, Pirelli, BFG and Vitour.   Gummistrada also sells, products from Toyo, Hankook, Falken, Bridgestone, Michelin etc. 

 The warehouse is located in Numansdorp, near the port of Rotterdam (the Netherlands) and is state of the art. 

An exclusive project by Gummistrada

Gummistrada ATV tyres

the Gummistrada ATV tyre,  the ATV-All-Terrain.

Made in a great factory, using a very solid casing, excellent rubber compounds, and offcourse the Gummistrada logo.

Available from March 2024 in the following sizes at great prices!

AT25X8-12 6PR
AT25X10-12 6PR
AT26X9-12 6PR
AT26X9-14 6PR
AT26X11-12 6PR
AT26X11-14 6PR
AT25X10-12 6PR
AT22X10-10 4PR
AT21X7-10 4PR
AT25X8-12 4PR
AT25X10-12 4PR




Special products sold by Gummistrada

Vitour Classic Tyres 

Vitour makes tyres for classic cars, for those nice vintage looking cars, but also for the all american musscle cars.

White walls!

White letters!


But did you know that vitour also makes one of the best semi-slick tyres on the planet?

And coming soon….some real cool 4×4 tyres…with yes…you guessed it rightly,  white letters on them!  Because Vitour likes to go white!

 Making great casings, fantastic rubber compounds, and for that better tyres.



Special products sold by Gummistrada


Pirelli and michelin classic tyres



Special products sold by Gummistrada


Created by one of the most prominent motorcycle tire manufacturers, our top pick for the best all-around motorcycle tire is the MICHELIN Road 6, now offering an impressive 15% more wet grip than its predecessor, the MICHELIN Road 5. It features MICHELIN’s Silica Technology in its rubber compound, giving it increased grip and wet performance. Don’t be fooled by the “Road” in its name.

Though it classifies as a touring motorcycle tire, it’s great at handling a more aggressive style of riding and is excellent around corners, and some riders have boasted an incredible 20.000KM from them. If you’re looking for a separate front and rear tire, you can shop for them individually by selecting either the front or rear option.

“These tires are the best of the best if you like aggressive riding, good grip in any condition, and tires that will [cover many miles],” wrote one satisfied customer who compared them to the Dunlop Q3+. “The Road 6 have about the same grip in the corners, better in the rain, and even better mileage. They are expensive but for what you get out of them, well worth it in my opinion.”

Best DEAL on tyres:

Windforce tyres.


History and future

4 generations 

4 generations of tyre business

4 Generations of tyres expertise. My great grandfather started as a shoemaker, reparing full rubber bicycletyres, and T-ford tyres. That turned into a proper shop for tyres and oil.   Then building a factory for agricultural tyres, which was sold by my grandfather in the 70ties.

Gummistrada comes alive

Since 2012 Gummistrada  is trading in cartyres, motorcycletyres, quadtyres, scootertyres, trucktyres, wheels and software for retailstores.  Vintage tyres from Vitour, Michelin and Pirelli are also part of the range.

Gummistrada is the agent for Vitour classic and semi-slick tyres, Windforce tyres from China, and Toyo. But also owns it’s own brand, the Gummistrada brand. 

Learn more about Gummistrada:

The team

Gummistrada is owned by Peter Alexander van t Hof. 50years old, and with 25 years of tyre trading experience.  A team of 5 people are pushing Gummistrada to be succesful and with good service.


The warehouse with 12.000 tyres is based in Numansdorp, a fully automated warehouse with conveyor belts and a lot of special tyres. Ideal for internet sales.




Kerkring 21, 4797AA  Willemstad

The Netherlands

registrationnumber   55358705

VAT number        NL851669244B01